Wi-Fi Signals Look Incredibly Uneven When They're Visualized

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You probably don't think about Wi-Fi signal much, except when you're at the the wrong end of your apartment and swearing profusely. But rather than being some steady, even projection of data, Wi-Fi actually looks completely random when you map it out in 3-D.

Dominique Thiebaut, a computer science professor at Smith College, used a basic wifi module, a laptop and a LED to create a 3-D map of the signal power of a space — in this case, the inside of a CNC wood mill. He explains the entire process in detail in the YouTube video above.

The end result is this 3-D map of wifi signal strength, which you can play with and poke to your heart's desire. In addition to being far more random than I expected, it's also strangely beautiful. I wonder what other radio waves are bouncing around that we never even notice. [Hackaday via Geoff Manaugh]

Image credit: Dominique Thiebaut

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The wrong end of the apartment happens to be my bed. My wifi is so slow there, but I take it as a blessing in disguise. Since they've said its bad looking at screens before bed.