Wii Internet Channel Goes Live

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We knew it was coming. As of this morning, all you lucky Wii owners will be able to connect to the Internet using your Wii's Opera-based browser. The final version of the browser will be available in March and you'll have till June to download it, otherwise you'll have to pony up 500 points for it. But starting today, you can enjoy all the surfing you want. And yes, that means you can now play your favorite YouTube videos on the big screen.


Product Page [Wii Internet Channel Live in North America via Kotaku]

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Well there a little reasons like if you are stuck at some point in the game and want to consult a FAQ or guide or something online. Not everyone has a computer in the same room so this way they can save, hit the home button, log online go to the page (bookmark a faw website?) and then hit the home button again and start up the game and you are done.

Other reasons?

Flash games can be crazy fun! Like there is one Sniper game with stick figures that you have to shoot the right one or you loose, it is short but SUPER fun! Now instead of using your mouse clicker, why not use the Wiimote to point and shoot?

Yes, it can be pointless but just think of it this way...now you have access to more (flash) games! So OPERA = more games..and some other stuff on the side.