Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 Tested for XTREME Durability

Click to viewWe all know that the PS3 is built like a Navy battleship while the 360 can crumble in one's hand like a wilted flower. But how do the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 stand up to one another when two dudes (and we use "dudes" here not because we're stuck with dated lexicon but because we find it aptly descriptive) smash the living crap out of each machine? We won't spoil it. [via PS3 Fanboy]


Can someone please tell me if ANYONE who owns any of these consoles does anything with their unit other than let it sit there by the TV? I mean I sometimes take mine to a friend's, but take good care of it. "Structural integrity" is pointless for a console.

Now a handheld like PSP or DS/DSi would make more sense... It sounds like basically everyone who commented here has better input/ideas than G4's staff!