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Wii Sales Down 21% In Last Year, But Why?

Illustration for article titled Wii Sales Down 21% In Last Year, But Why?

Cold, hard proof that Nintendo needs to pull its head out of its arse and release some new hardware (not just relying on a 3D novelty to work wonders): they sold 21 per cent less Wiis last year.


In fact, they sold just 20.53m units from April 2009 - March 2010, a pretty large decline from the previous year's 25.95m units. It wasn't just Ninty's home console which suffered either, with the DS range dropping just 12 per cent—from 31m units to 27m.

Either game launches in the past 12 months were dry, or people really aren't interested in the Wii anymore, as 6 per cent less games were sold than the previous year (204m to 191m), and DS games were down a whopping 23 per cent, from 197m to 151m. No wonder Nintendo's brought back Pokemon.


So what happened? Well, the Wii's been on sale for over three years now, and has been such a success story it's likely Nintendo just can't sell any more consoles to consumers. No-one needs two in their house.

The recession could be to blame, but then other tech companies such as LG have defied the downturn.

Could it just be that there's no innovation anymore? It's been well over a year since I last touched my Wii or DS, as there simply haven't been any games worthy of my time and money. When friends are over, we'd rather play Guitar Hero or Sing Star than bother with Wii bowling or tennis.

The upcoming 3DS could indeed change matters, but at the heart of it it's still just the same tired portable console with dual screens—albeit a new twist. The DSi had cameras, the DSi XL is slightly larger and more suited to reading ebooks—and the 3DS will have graphics that jump out of the screen. It's not enough. Nintendo needs to do something about it this year, to ensure their Wii customers don't jump ship and flirt with the Xbox 360 (which will have the tantalizing Project Natal this year) or the PlayStation 3 (which will offer innovation in the form of PlayStation Move). I miss Nintendo.


Despite my doom and gloom, Nintendo still fared better than PlayStation and Xbox 360 in the past 12 months. [Kotaku]


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Love all the amateur market analysts trotting out the same tired old "It's not HD! There's no good games!" canards. Sales are slowing down because everybody has one. Pure and simple.

That includes you, Kat. You do realize that there are Wii games other than Wii Sports, right?