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Wii Still Proves Big Draw For 'Molester Monks'

Illustration for article titled Wii Still Proves Big Draw For Molester Monks

Despite the Wii being available for almost four years now, it's still proving a tool worth buying to lure in unsuspecting kiddies. Not that we're recommending you do that, obviously.

Over in Taiwan a 46-year-old ex-monk (he's not an official monk anymore, but still dresses like one) used the Wii to attract young boys to his house, where he'd then rape them. Being dubbed the "Molester Monk" by Taiwanese media, he's claimed that the sex was consensual. Not according to the news report below! (Most likely made by the same production team as that Tiger Woods video). [Apple Daily via Sankaku Complex via Kotaku]

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It seems that all religious authorities molest children.