WikiLeaks Publishes Cryptic UFO Emails Sent to Clinton Campaign... From Former Blink 182 Singer

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The former lead singer of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, has publicly admitted to his obsession with UFOs—but that still doesn’t explain why he was sending two cryptic messages about alien spacecrafts to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, as the Wall Street Journal reported earlier today.


The former rockstar’s UFO emails became public in the latest Wikleaks dump, published earlier this month. DeLonge, who is best known for his shitty guitar riffs and vocals in songs like “What’s My Age Again,” emailed Podesta at least twice from his personal account, urging him to meet in person so he could introduce Podesta to high-level officials (presumably with info about UFOs).

Here’s a small taste of one of the messages.

I would like to bring two very “important” people out to meet you in DC. I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics. Other words, these are A-Level officials. Worth our time, and as well the investment to bring all the way out to you. I just need 2 hours from you.

So why would Podesta ever agree to meeting a washed-up rockstar? DeLonge explained he was “looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person.” Plus, the emails reveal that Podesta had participated in a documentary produced by the former lead singer (probably about aliens and UFOs), so there’s at least a precedent for the meeting. The emails did not reveal the name of the documentary Podesta is featured in, but we presume it will be released by DeLonge’s new company To The Stars Media.

In another email, DeLonge said he’s been working with someone named General McCasland, and explained some of the General’s public comments. The email is rather strange, given that there’s no specific request made or really any context at all for the message.

He mentioned he’s a “skeptic,” he’s not.... He just has to say that out loud, but he is very, very aware—as he was in charge of all of the stuff. When Roswell crashed, they shipped it to the laboratory at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. General McCasland was in charge of that exact laboratory up to a couple years ago.

It’s unclear if Podesta ever responded to the messages, but he has shown interest in UFOs in the past. When he stepped down from his role as a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, Podesta tweeted, “Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere cc: @NYTimesDowd.” The famous tweet now appears under the name of Obama’s new senior advisor Brian Deese.


Hillary Clinton has also expressed interest in disclosing what happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. According to the popular conspiracy theory, the US government recovered an alien vessel in Roswell and has kept it hidden from the public for decades. DeLonge is particularly interested in this conspiracy and refers to it in his emails to Podesta.

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night TV show, Clinton said she would open up government files on Roswell as long as there are no threats to national security in the files. Since the files are decades old, and since her campaign chairman also wants to make the files public, there’s a good chance this could actually happen. Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer. The US presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8.


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Hey man, why you gotta editorialize like that? Some of us here might be Blink fans. What you call shitty, I call anthems for a generation. Plus, Travis is legit one of the greatest drummers of all time. No one can argue that.

Also, “What’s My Age Again” is a Mark song, not a Tom song (they’re kind of like the Beatles like that). If you want to reference a song that Tom wrote and sang lead on, might want to go with, hmmmmm I dunno, “Aliens Exist” or something like that (omg, it’s exactly what the article is about!)