Will 3D Printing Change the World?

The easy answer: no probably not. But after being shouted out by POTUS himself at the SOTU, 3D printing is slowly, possibly, maybe creeping into a bigger deal for more than just Maker Faire-types. So the wonderful folks at PBS Off Book decided to take a closer look and answer the question once and for all. Will 3D printing change the world?

It's obvious to see the appeal of 3D printers in theory. You can print any 3D file you make. That's cool. Shoes! Toys! Household goods! Cars! Whatever! There's also an instant-ish gratification to 3D printing too. But is it seriously world changing? PBS Off Book's short doc on it mostly says yes it will but I think the actual application of 3D printing is geared too much toward people who sat at the front of the classroom. There needs to be a lower bar of entry in order for it to hit mainstream. We'll see. [PBS Off Book]


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