Will the Ghost of Your Dearly Departed Appreciate Being Enshrined in This Pretty Metal Urn?

Urns: They store burned-up dead people. And pretty much look the part. No way you're going to display The Ashes Formerly Known As Grandma on your sleek Wright-inspired mantle in some depressing brass death trophy. Can we interest you in a stylish metallic cube?

Capsule.Urn puts a present-day spin on eternal storage with the C-5050 Urn: sleek, modern, built from solid aluminum that's sure to please even the most discerning of occupants. The Urn comes in a variety of finishes and can be laser engraved with any words you'd like. As a bonus (?), you can purchase a matching keepsake to carry your loved one wherever you go.


Forgive the pun, but the cremation business isn't exactly a lively trade, and this is kind of an awesome addition. Eternal style's gonna cost you, though: Urns run between $1800-$4000 depending on color and finish. [Capsule Project via Design Milk]

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