Will the "Ground Zero Mosque" look like the Fortress Of Solitude?

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The first detailed drawings are out for Park 51, aka the Ground Zero Islamic Center (or the "Ground Zero Mosque" to some.) And they look even more futuristic than we'd expected — leading to some comparisons to Superman's crash pad.

Edited to add: Of course, we know it's not really at Ground Zero. And it's not a mosque. We didn't mean to imply that we thought either of those designations was accurate, since anybody who's spent five minutes reading up on the proposal knows otherwise.

Many commentators on these images, released Sunday, fixated on their futuristic nature. But it took the Telegraph newspaper, in England, to bring up the Fortress:

The building was compared by some to the Fortress of Solitude, the crystalline headquarters of Superman depicted in comic books.


What do you think? Is it the sort of structure where you'd expect to find a tiny city in a bottle lurking under some alien plants and a hologram of Marlon Brando? [Park51]