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Will There Be a Lovecraft Country Season 2? Here's Hoping

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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In a world of uncertainty, we cling to things we can count on. Puppies are cute, cookies are delicious, and if a show does well and the creators want it to continue, it will get a second season. Well, I don’t know why we count on that because we are very often wrong, but in the case of Lovecraft Country, we’re just in limbo.

Lovecraft Country has not yet been renewed for a second season but by all accounts, everyone involved is optimistic. Casey Bloys, HBO’s president of programming, told Deadline, “Misha [Green] is working with a small team of writers and they’re coming up with a take. She had a book to go on in the first season, she and the writers wanted to go off and take some time to go out and figure out without a book with these characters, what’s the journey we want to go on. We all want to be sure she’s got a story to tell. That’s where she is right now, working on those ideas. I’m very hopeful, as is Misha, so we’re giving them the time to work.”


After Lovecraft Country’s first season finale, creator Green told Collider that she and her team have “a direction” for a second season should it be renewed. “You have a direction, and then you explore and you find where it takes you. Even starting this season of this show, we knew what direction we wanted to go in, for subsequent seasons,” she said. “It was very exciting. Matt Ruff’s novel is about reclaiming genre spaces for people of color. For me, that was an open book. Being a genre fan, there’s so much to play in. It’s unending. And the idea that it’s not just for Black people but you can open it up for all people of color is exciting to me.”

So, will there be a second season? Um...we think so? Maybe? Hopefully? As soon as there’s something remotely concrete, we’ll let you know.


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