Win a MacBook Pro...Painted in Microsoft Office for Mac Colors

How to get people using Office for Mac, after admitting only four people "love it"? I know! Paint a MacBook with Office for Mac colors, load it with a copy of Office 2008, and give it away on Twitter!


You have to either be following @officeformac on Twitter, or retweet @officeformac, including the hashtag #officeformac. Only two MacBook Pros (2.53Ghz 15" models) will be given away, which considering it's Microsoft, isn't nearly as generous as some absurdly-named website no-one had ever heard of, giving away 10 of the laptops last year.

It's only open to the US and Canada, and ends in two days time, at 11:59pm PST. Really, you'd be doing them a favor entering—perhaps they could claim to have six people who "love Office for Mac." [TUAW]

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