Win the Airplane Elbow Rest Fight With This Clever Portable Wall

Building a wall between the US and Mexico is a bad idea, but building a wall between you and your seat mate while flying is complete and utter brilliance. As soon as you find your assigned seat the war over the armrest begins, but this tiny portable pop-up wall ensures both sides get equal use of it. It also prevents your seat mate from invading your territory.


Having to cram yet another travel accessory into your already stuffed carry-on is never ideal, but the Create-A-Space promises to give you more personal space with a partition (goodbye, backup boxers) that folds down to about the size of your travel document holder when not in use.

For $40 it puts an end to the armrest war before it even begins, and ensures that when you return from a trip to the bathroom, the person sitting next to you won’t have made claims and expansions into your already limited space.

[Amazon via Dude I Want That]

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