Windows 10 Is Trying Really Hard to Kill Extra Antivirus

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Windows 10 might be the “most secure Windows ever,” but the unfortunate reality is that companies and hospitals far and wide are getting hacked faster than ever. As a result, Microsoft is bulking up its enterprise-level defenses.


Windows already ships with some built-in antivirus called Windows Defender. Currently, it’s a defensive program that looks at websites and downloads to try and stop you from getting hacked. Unfortunately, in the day and age of social engineering and spear-phishing, antivirus needs to be a little more proactive.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (shortened to WDATP, because there’s no way I’m typing that out more than once) is supposed to be that protection for large, company-wide networks. WDATP move the focus from monitoring individual files to the machine’s behavior as a whole—rather than searching for the actual virus, it keeps an eye on symptoms.

If your machine starts connecting to weird ports or executing unusual PowerShell commands—behavior that’s out of the ordinary for the vast majority of users—WDAPT will flag it to administrators, providing an overview of current and past behavior for admins to look at.

Microsoft’s also trying to take advantage of the vast Windows install base to kickstart its antivirus program. Millions of suspicious files found on machines worldwide will be run on the cloud, building a giant centralized database of malicious files, but also malicious behavior.

WDAPT will launch later this year as an optional service for companies. But if the benefits of networked antivirus works out—and Microsoft can figure a way to make it work without needing trained IT professionals in the loop—it’s easy to see it make its way to consumers in the future. Hopefully, there’ll be enough time to come up with a better name.


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In my humble and honest opinion; anyone who spends all day on his or her computer browsing and especially those of us who watch tons of porn or download tons of illegal music, sorftware, movies and or games, 100% deserve to get infected by viruses if the cheap bastards cant even afford to spend $50 a year for a Top tier Internet Security Suite. Why do people still use shitty cheap anitvirus software ((There are a few decent free ones but still dont be cheap))only and browse and download all day is simply beyond me. I have been using windows my entire life and the very first day i bought my own laptop my older brother gave me one simple pointer, and thats about it “install one of atleast the top 3 Internet Security Suites and take 5 minutes every year to renew your license”. I know its so hard for us fat asses in america to to take 5 minutes away from selfie time or facebook time or snapchat time or posting pictures of every single momoment of our lives and putting it online to secure our computers but its not that painful to do this once per year and even my 9 year old little brother can do it by himself. I have never ever gotten a virus or any sort on any computer i have owned and thats because i clean out all my friends virus filled flsh drives for them on a weekly basis and download 24/7 literally on my home server from the shadiest sites online for the past 10 years atleast. I installed Bitdefender Internet Security for the first time in 2007 and thats it, upgrade license one per year and unless some top notch hacker is directly targeting you and you are a complete and utter idiot then you wont get any viruses even when you download a trojan filled torrent. Nothing gets by the likes on Bitdefender or at the very least one of the top 3 or 4 Internet Security suites.