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App Stores are the Trapper Keepers of 2009: everyone wants one, and the more stuff you have inside the cooler you are. Microsoft's even considering one for Windows 7, according to a survey.


The intro to the survey said that they were going to ask them "various questions regarding a single place for finding and managing updates for the programs on [users'] PC." Among the more interesting theoretical implementations are:

• Being able to update your programs centrally, like Windows Update
• Auto-updating apps
• Auto-configuring apps
• Blocking apps from unverified publishers
• Find reviews and ratings of apps before installing
• Have a single, consolidated place for updating
• Diagnose which apps are causing problems
• Restoring apps to its original configuration


Check out Ars for the entire survey. And yes, we would actually love a centralized place to download apps and see review ratings. It would make it much easier for GOOD freeware makers (ones without spyware) to get their stuff seen, and bad ones (ones with spyware) to be called out. [Ars Technica via Electronista]

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