Windows 7 Comfortably Scales to 600MHz, 512MB UMPC

We already knew that Windows 7 runs well on netbooks, but to run reasonably well on a 600MHz processor, 512MB RAM UMPC represents a whole new level of scalability.


The video shows Windows 7 on an Amtek U560, a relatively wimpy non-Atom UMPC with a sliding touchscreen. The device was only assigned a Windows Experience Index score of 1.2—lowish, but higher than with Vista. More importantly, performance was tolerable, and most of the drivers worked out of the box.

In the end, Windows 7 might have call for effective minimum specifications closer to XP's than Vista's, meaning that for many, upgrading to the newest version of Windows (for once) won't demand anything more than a software purchase. [Slashgear via BBG]

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