Windows 7 Is OK, But Can It Run Crysis?

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We've all heard about Windows 7's speed gains over Vista, but how does it run Crysis?

These results from DirectX 9 testing speak well for Windows 7, topping Vista on the lower and higher spec systems while, much of the time, just about keeping pace with XP. In fact, with Intel's i7 quad core processor, we actually see a brief moment of performance gains over XP. Blasphemy!

Crysis DirectX 10 testing did not go over as well for 7, which got pretty trounced by Vista (though 7 won a DirectX 10 round later with Far Cry 2). We chalk these inconsistencies not only to different games but to the fact that both Windows 7 and its graphics drivers are still in beta. Overall, early performance testing of Windows 7 gaming leaves us optimistic, even if there's still plenty of room to grow. [Firing Squad via Kotaku]


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Guys, this article has almost no bearing.

It's a Beta OS, running beta drivers- there will likely be a lot of tuning between now and then.

That said, I actually find the Far Cry 2 test very encouraging, seeing that Far Cry 2 is the first game where, under Vista, on the same hardware, the game runs better under DX10 than DX9. It certainly does on my Vista install, and I was shocked- I'm hoping DX10 will finally come to maturity soon.

Someone seems to have figured it out, so I hope to see others do the same.