Windows 7 Kills Snow Leopard and Eats It

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OK people, it's over. Clearly, Windows 7 will kill and eat Snow Leopard. Apparently, people don't give a damn about the kitten, but are drooling over Steve B's beast. At least, that's what Google Trends says:

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Of course, while Snow Leopard's new core features were revealed during last WWDC, Windows 7 was just unveiled. That may explain the spike in favor of the new Windows version, but if you look at the Google Trends, you will see that it also includes the time in which Snow Leopard was revealed to the world in June 2008. It barely blinked in this graph.

We also knew about the most exciting things about Snow Leopard back in June 2008, but these are things under the hood. Windows 7, on the other side, got a new coat of paint. That may another part of this change, but still, look at the scale of those curves.

The easy—and most reasonable—explanation is that Mac OS X doesn't matter in most places, and that the size of Window's market share is so big that it really will never matter—no matter what Mac OS X fanboys think—unless the whole computing paradigm changes from desktops and laptops to something else. Out there, it is still a big Windows world and the Mac is just a tiny aluminum oasis in a sea of beige.

However, reason doesn't have anything to do with this post. This is a flame war!

So fanboys and fangirls, do you care more about Windows 7 or Snow Leopard? Do you think this time Windows 7 will win the mindshare battle against the new version of Mac OS X? What about the technological mindshare? Or would it end being another flop like Windows Vista?


You tell us in the comments. And remember, flame war post means nobody gets banned. Fire away. [Google Trends—All time and Google Trends—12 months]


Davi Viana

1) Snow Leopard isn't out yet. W7 is out for like 6 months now. It's just normal that people comment it more.

2) Windows market share is and always will be bigger. I don't think Apple is worried about being big, it is worried about making profit (as every company should). Have you guys looked at their numbers last months? Man, they're profitable.

3) Leopard works. People are not on a urge for Snow Leopard. The reason there are so many people excited about W7 is that maybe finally it doesn't suck.

4) Snow Leopard will be running cocoa all along, making it faster, cleaner and even more trusty. That being said, it is also very likely of apple to be hiding key features of their new os because microsoft would just, you know, copy it. I have a feeling they won't even be showing us the whole deal in WWDC '09.

PS.: I tried W7 on a Desktop PC. It's nice. Kinda too flashy. Many drivers doesn't work well and it didn't recognise my wi-fi conector, it was a headeache in the beginning. Never had this problem with a mac. Then again, light years better than Vista.