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Windows 7 Release Candidate Won't Expire for More Than a Year

Illustration for article titled Windows 7 Release Candidate Wont Expire for More Than a Year

That's right, Windows 7 RC has been given an expiration date far ahead in the mists of time: June 1st, 2010, to be exact. So don't be shy about giving it a whirl.


The extra-long lifespan is to encourage people to take their time, read reviews, and not feel rushed to grab a copy before it becomes useless or expensive. There are unlimited keys for the release candidate, so don't fret, and do try it out. [PC World]

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Obviously they figured out it's better to hear out people's complaints BEFORE you release a crappy product and make people pay hundreds of dollars for it. And they figured out that the Dock really is superior to the taskbar. AND they figured out that Hi-Frutose Magazine has way cool art that is fun to copy for their desktop backgrounds. There might be hope for them yet.