Acer: Windows 7 Will Be Out Oct. 23, Free Upgrade If You Buy a PC 30 Days Before

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Acer's UK marketing director Bobby Watkins tells Pocket Lint that "23rd October is the date the Windows 7 will be available." Better news: If buy a PC 30 days before, you get Windows 7 free.

Admittedly, we're somewhat dubious of that specific date—it seems a little too specific, a little too early—but we're pretty comfortable with the idea of Windows 7 launching by fall, given that RC1 went out to MSDN subscribers today, with public at large getting a crack on May 5 and the fact that most people expected it to be out in July.


Acer could very well be talking out of their acerhole, but I'd still say it's officially "wait until Windows 7 comes out to buy a new PC" season. [Pocket Lint]