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Windows 95 Lead Architect Is a Mac Convert, Launches First iPhone App

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After he left Microsoft, Satoshi Nakajima, the lead architect of Windows 95 and a "defining force" in the creation of Internet Explorer 3.0, wanted to understand why people were so into Apple. He picked up a Mac two years ago and decided he'd never use a PC again. Now his company, Big Canvas, develops apps for the iPhone. Their first app for the iPhone, PhotoShare, isn't bad, but it's another photo service to sign up for, and we just wanna use Flickr, damn it.


Still, he has some interesting thoughts on the mobile market, like there's "no business reason" to develop for Android and that "Apple has proved that having a single app store does make sense to users as well as the offerers, so I believe Microsoft, Nokia and possibly Google will follow and we'll have five stores, and that's ideal."

Google has already announced that there will be an app store for Android, so that's at least two in the game (and I think he's right about the others). Check out the full interview over at Cult of Mac. [Cult of Mac, PhotoShare]