Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface's Storage

Illustration for article titled Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surfaces Storage

So this is surprising, and kind of dumb. Microsoft just put a final figure on the storage numbers for Windows RT: 16GB on the 32GB model, and 18GB on the 64GB model. That's even bigger than the already hefty 12GB estimates that had been around before.


That large of an imprint for an operating system on a tablet that's only packing 32GB is a pretty rough pill to swallow. Buying anything with digital storage is always going to be slightly misleading because of the firmware footprint, but even with iOS getting pretty large itself, it's still nowhere near 16GB. Let's hope Microsoft does some fat-trimming in upcoming updates. [Microsoft via Engadget via Verge]

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Are we forgetting that this thing has a USB and microSD slot? Plug in a flash drive or sd card. I can't do that with my iPad2...