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A New Witcher Novel Is on the Way

Series writer Andrzej Sapkowski says the new book could be out next year, at least in Polish.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Need something Witcher to sink your teeth to now that Henry Cavill has bid his farewell to the Netflix show? Well, there’s good news: series author Andrzej Sapkowski has revealed he’s working on a new novel set in the world of his fantasy creation.

During a talk with Ukranian fans held by Fantastic Talks (via Redanian Intelligence), Sapkowski confirmed that he is “quite diligently” working on a new entry in his Witcher novel series, the first since Season of Storms released in Poland in 2013. While the main story of the saga came to a conclusion decades ago in The Lady of the Lake, first published in the late ‘90s, Sapkowski has since written short stories set in and around the events of the main five-book series, remaining adamant that he does not intend to explore further events set after the conclusion of the novels.


Presumably, then, we can guess this new book is going to be either a side novel or new short story anthology set during the events of the series—but beyond that, Sapkowski remained characteristically taciturn about what readers can expect. The author further noted that finishing the book should take him about “a year, but no longer,” meaning that it could likely be released in Polish sometime in 2024—with international translations sometime thereafter. Season of Storms took five years to receive an English translation, but given the contemporary resurgence in interest for the Witcher novels thanks to both the CD Projekt Red games and Netflix’s adaptation, it’s perhaps likely that we’ll see a translation much quicker than that.

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