With Video Walls This Huge, You'll Forget You're on a Cruise Ship

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Luxury liners are getting bigger and more grandiose every year. Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ships, for example, are the size of a small town. And, rather than simply stare out at the ocean, revelers aboard these boats will be treated to a visual experience like none before thanks to an array of cutting-edge robotic displays.


As the first of three new ships, Royal Caribbean's $936 million Quantum of the Seas will be overflowing with attractions. These include a skydiving simulator, an enclosed crow's nest offering 360 degree panoramic views 300 feet above the deck called North Star, and a massive onboard sports and recreation complex—including bumper cars, roller skating, and a circus school—dubbed Seaplex.

Most impressive however, is the 4,180-passenger ship's extensive display integration. Traditionally, cabins on the inside of the ship (those without a view of the ocean) have been considered far less desirable than those facing out. But the Quantum of the Seas has panoramic "virtual balconies" in every interior cabin and state room, which will display real-time images of the surrounding seas.

What's more, the Quantum's main entertainment venue will feature the Two70 system, which consists of a 270 degree three-deck tall panoramic glass walls. During the day, they provide unparalleled views of the ocean. At night, images are projected onto the glass to create an immersive entertainment experience. "We are doing something that has never been done before," RCI Executive Entertainment Producer Bob Kerns says in the video below.


And at the height of the evening's performance, the Quantum's crew will reveal another surprise when a cadre of six robotic arms—each holding a 100-inch flat-panel display—will descend from the ceiling. These robotic arms are programmed to coordinate their movements to further enhance the onscreen action. Sounds magical. [Digital Signage Today - Cruise Critic]


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