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Witness a Zombie Outbreak On Your Android's Wallpaper

Illustration for article titled Witness a Zombie Outbreak On Your Androids Wallpaper

Zombies. Brains. Zombie hunters. Nuclear bombs. Statistics. You love all of these things, and now you can have them as the live wallpaper on your Android phone.


Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper, now available for $1 in the Android Market, simulates a zombie outbreak on your phone: The red dots are zombies, the blue dots are zombie hunters, and the green dots are the doughy citizens whose brains the zombies are nom-nom-noming.

You can set the population paramaters of the groups yourself and track how they're faring in real time. Dropping an icon acts as a nuclear bomb, leveling the playing field. The only thing better than witnessing a zombie outbreak? Being the architect of your own. [Android Market via Hayden the Android]

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I would've LOLed if it said 'Android 2.1 and above only'