Woman With Google Docs Name Has Been Getting Harassing Messages

Image: Google Docs
Image: Google Docs

If you’ve used Google Docs, you might have noticed that all the templates use the randomly generated fake name “Casey Baumer.” Turns out,“Casey Baumer” is also the not-so-randomly generated real name of a real 20-year-old food stylist who has been plagued with suspicious messages for years.


There is almost nothing good to be found in anyone’s “Other” Facebook messages tab, but Baumer’s messages has some gems from angry Facebook users who don’t even bother to read the filler text and realize it’s a fake name.

For example:

“I know you hacked into my google docs to make your resume, please stop.” (Because Baumer doesn’t have access to a popular free program on her own, and needs to hack?)

“Why does my husbands Google Docs have your name all over them?” (If only this sender have bothered to see that her own Google Docs had the same name all over them too.)

“I have no idea who you are but you name is on my google doc page with a resume I don’t want it there and I have to try and figure out how to get rid of the pages now. What is wrong with you”

A spokesperson for Google said it chose “Casey Baumer” for “personality,” but now is in the process of changing the name to spare this poor woman. Maybe it’s a good idea for Google to stick with “John Doe” from now on.

As far as mistaken identity stories go, Casey Baumer’s plight is on the benign site. After a Mexico-based man scammed many people out of money, his victims decided to band together and ruin his reputation by offering his photo up as a victim of many recent terrorist attacks. Then again, that guy is a scammer. Baumer just happened to have a “randomly generated” name.


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