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World's Largest Cellphone is a Day Late, Misses Joke Deadline

Illustration for article titled Worlds Largest Cellphone is a Day Late, Misses Joke Deadline

Mr Tan from Songyuan city, China, claims to have built the world's largest cellphone. The cellphone stands 3-ft high and weighs in at 48lbs and is 620 times bigger than his own, normal-sized cellphone, which he used as a model for the gigantic, pointless and generally fantastic handset.


Yeah, we know—"video or it didn't happen," right? Well, we're working on it. Jeez, give us a break guys, Mr T smashed up our offices and the cleanup is immense. Nevertheless, the mammoth mobile totes a working internet connection of sorts and an onboard camera, but it completely lacks a battery, as Mr Tan couldn't build one large enough—what a slacker. The humango-handset relies on a mains outlet for power, and a local journalist verified its functional state by sending SMS messages and making a call.

The project took him 6-months to complete, and his wife was said to be livid with the racket he was making whilst putting it all together. Mind you, if our partners were busy constructing the BFG's cellphone, and they carelessly omitted the vibration function, we wouldn't be best pleased either. [Ananova via textually]

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