World's Largest CNC Machine Fabricates Large-Scale Building Prototypes

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Using the world's largest 3D printer, Shiro Studio architects and D-Shape have joined forces to create this 3x3x3 meter tall prototype of the Radiolaria pavilion.


D-Shape's 3-D stereolithic printer creates models entirely out of artificial sandstone using CAD-CAE modeling technologies and CAD-CAM software to control the plotter. The printing proceeds in 5-10mm layer segments and, in the end, produces a structure that has strength characteristics reminiscent of standard Portland Cement—without the need for internal reinforcement. This gives designers greater flexibility with structural shapes.

The final 10-meter structure is scheduled to be erected in Pontedera, Italy next year, but D-Shape's 3-D printer might be the beginning of a major shift in architectural design. How long will it be before we move on from machining small scale models (and cupcakes) to full-scale buildings? [Dezeen via Fast Company]