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Would You Pay to Use Twitter?

Illustration for article titled Would You Pay to Use Twitter? is a new fee-based, ad-free, realtime social feed—think Twitter, but with a price. But, you see, I already like Twitter. A lot. And I'm pretty comfortable with my whole profile: who I follow, who follows me, etc. I don't quite feel like leaving for something newer, even if it is ad-free. And especially if it comes at a price (which, in this case, it does).


All of which makes me monder: how much is Twitter worth, to the user? How much would I be willing to pay to maintain my existing Twitter account from now on, if, say, I all of a sudden had to?

An entry level membership with is $50/year. That $4/month, $1/week, approx $0.14/day. Let's say I tweet 10 times a day, on average. A penny a tweet seems pretty good! And yet... Even with this seemingly-fair rate, I still loathe the idea of a subscription-based Twitter.


What about you? Would you pay to use Twitter? What's your max?

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Tony Kaye ⌨

I would easily pay a subscription fee to use it. It's a 24 hour news feed for everything. Things happen on Twitter before so many things these days. It's a necessity for me and worth it.