Would You Rent Photoshop For $49 a Month?

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49 notes seems pretty pricey to me, but then it's a lot more palatable than coughing up $650 for the full-flavor package. It could be handy if you had a month's work ahead of you, or always want the latest version. Adobe Subscription Editions has just launched now, for all your favorite pieces of software including InDesign and Dreamweaver. [Macworld via Lifehacker]

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$650? No wonder people prefer to download illegal copies.

That's greed in the works...I'm not saying that the software isn't worth it, or that the devs don't deserve the money, it's been well earned. But c'mon, think about volume. Would you rather sell it for $650 and have a handful of people buy them or charge $100 bucks and have thousands of buyers?