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Would You Use Facebook if It Looked This Insanely Different?

Facebook is what church and bathing used to be: a daily, comforting, familiar ritual. And so it's not without cause that people go nuts whenever it's redesigned. But if you thought Timeline was radical, check out this (unofficial) prototype.


The mockup, by Australian art director & designer Fred Nerby, drops the vertical look we've been using for over half a decade, takes a sledgehammer to it, and then rearranges it in a series of tiles and panels, swimming and flipping around each other like a cross between Windows Metro and—dare I say it—New MySpace. But in a good way.


A few lovely things stand out immediately: it's gorgeous, taking the big graphics of Timeline and making them bigger. Bigger images are almost always a good thing. The experimental design also splits your news feed into an enormous panel with your close friends, and a slimmer set of dispatches from the rest of the social riff raff—a sorting process Real Facebook still doesn't make very easy. It's also a widescreen beauty—using this on a tablet would be a joy.

On the other hand, a redesign this sweeping would probably result in the collapse of severa world economies from the sheer amount of whining from Facebook's ultra-conservative users whining in unison. All one billion of them. But it's still fun to pretend. [Fred Nerby via Abdel Ibrahim]

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the ui and ux looks like it could work. But of course Facebook will not make any radical changes since, you know, they have a user base and stocks to maintain.

On a slight tangent, I'm tired of designers randomly designing mega-popular websites and brands on their own time (who has all the time, actually?). Stop doing work for free when you should be getting paid for it, Facebook and other megacorps are not charity organizations.