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Best Buy has always earned my disdain with their retail price mentality. But now, the NYT is reporting that the mega chain and Circuit City have both told sales associates that a little haggling to get the sale done is fine. People in the company are saying this is not new. But I'm sure many don't know about it, so it is to consumers. Translation: Before you buy, bitch about the prices, Chinatown style.


Some chains, esp in the NY area, have always embraced such methods. But with internet shopping making price comparisons and deal finding easier than ever, the retail brick and mortars are making back room policies like this one to stay competitive. [NYT]

From a tipster who presumably works at a megachain:

This is not new. The discount ability has been in the POS system for years. Associates have always been encouraged to close a sale, even if that means marking down the price a little. People just need to learn not to take no as an answer.

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