Wow, Evil Dead 2 Looks Incredible in 4K [Updated]

“Swallow this.”
“Swallow this.”
Image: Studio Canal

All the campy horror delight in the world isn’t quite as fun if it’s grainy and washed out. But now, hey, Evil Dead 2 has never looked better.


Courtesy of Studio Canal, the wildly influential cult classic is coming to Blu-ray at a 4K resolution, and the newly restored cut of the film looks, uh, absolutely fabulous. Studio Canal has released a trailer for their upcoming remastered release of the film, and man, those colors! The shadows! It’s all so crisp and vivid, down to the last grimy splotch of blood.

As reported by Slash Film, the release, which will come out March 4, will also feature some nice extras, including some making-of featurettes, a new interview with Bruce Campbell, and an audio commentary featuring Sam Raimi, Scott Spiegal, Bruce Campbell, and Greg Nicotero. Groovy.

One bad thing, though: so far as I can tell, this release is presently exclusive to the UK. If anything’s worth the import, though, this is it.

Correction 2/17/18 12:58 p.m. An intrepid reader has informed me that an American version of this quietly released late last year, and I missed it in my initial research. I regret the error immensely.



Just started watching Ash vs Evil Dead on Netflix.. I don’t have Starz, so just noticed it started streaming.

First episode my reaction was, “what the fuck is this? This is terrible?” Then I kept watching, and watching, and I’m hooked.

I grew up as a little kid renting Army of Darkness at Blockbuster, never getting the chance to rent Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2 until about 8th grade. Love the nostalgia and all the gory gory deaths.

Wasn’t there an N64 or Xbox Army of Darkness game?  Can’t find anything about it online.