WowWee Femisapien Fembot Gets Thorough, Semi-Naughty Video Shakedown

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As the folks at Robots Rule show in this video, Femisapien is "smart, funny, can dance up a storm and perform skits with you." What a gal. Here we get a demo of just about every feature imaginable, including Fashion Pose mode, Backup Singer mode, Business Card Handout mode—you get the idea. All fine and dandy. And then, there's this music video, where things get serious...with whips. I kid you not.

As you can see, like a few other WowWee vids the production value is prit-tay high. Yes, Femisapien can wield a whip to discipline Robosapien. Yes, she can shake her ass. Something tells me this is only the beginning of BDSM-tinged Femisapien vids. Guess that's what you get when you bring to market a programmable fembot with a molded plastic rear. Femisapien should be shipping soon to the US for $99. [Robots Rule]