Woz Selling His Nissan 350Z, Riding a Segway for Charity

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is selling his 2005 Nissan 350Z Anniversary Edition for charity. The asking price? A whopping $100,000 (Kelley Blue Book private party value: $28,695). It's funny enough in itself that the Woz thinks anyone would be willing to pay $71,000 extra just to sit in the same driver's seat as himself (well, maybe if you were planning to donate that much to the IEEE lab at U.C. Berkeley anyways), but the "ad" he made for the sale is the real hum-dinger. He remakes his classic Datsun 280-ZX ad, adding in "modern" twists such as him zipping around on a Segway. We love ya Woz, but no one is above getting made fun of for a willingness to be seen on a Segway in public. [HotSwap via CrunchGear]



For an extra $71,000, I hope it comes with a new drivers seat. The old one might be a bit "compressed".