WSJ: Google To Announce GPhone Plans on Monday...Finally

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will be announcing its phone plans on Monday, hopefully putting a stop to the endless rumors floating out there regarding the GPhone. The announcement is expected to reveal a series of alliances with multiple handset makers and cellphone operators that are open to the idea of pushing Google phone applications. WSJ notes that the timing of the announcement could always change, but at this point Monday is looking good. [WSJ]



I read somewhere that it is going to be with t-mobile, at least I hope so. but there some minimum specs i need from them (google, manufacturers and service providers).

from google side:

1)gmail access, of course.

2) maps, calendar and documents.

3) new web browser. I dont mind if they use some linux variation for OS, but needs to be a really good browser, because with the possible lack of zoom capability.

4) some kind of social networking tool based on account and proximity to other users. the device needs wifi, witch take me to the next point.

from hardware point of view:

a) WI FI not only edge. this is not optional.

b) full screen phone. doesnt matter how tall and wide the phone is, needs to be full screen, otherwise will not be able to compete with the iphone.

c)needs to have some kind of playback capability, by wifi to your g-music folder or mp3.

d) camera will be optional in my case, i rather have memory for documents and music than pics. but for many people is a must.

from the cell company.

- the OPTION of a data plan or wifi.

- the option of wifi calls if is tmobile with their lame wifi service

- insurance available for it

- locked and trackable.

- no more than 500 friggin bucks for it.

all this by monday mid day or I will forget about the whole gphone thing and and in Christmas get an unlocked iphone from the hands of a teenager that now want the new 16gb iphone. there, i finally said it.