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Xbox 360 Core to Become Xbox 360 Arcade?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

News comes in from Microsoft Belgium that the oft made fun of Xbox 360 Core is going to be finally discontinued and replaced with an Xbox 360 Arcade. It's essentially the same console—same white DVD face and same lack of hard drive—but adds a wireless controller and a 256MB memory card. Oh, and five Xbox Live Arcade games for free.

Why the rebranding? It's probably because almost a third of Xbox 360 owners don't even know about Xbox Live arcade. What the hell? We could see the statistic about 30% of Xbox 360 owners not knowing about its HD functionality as seen here, but Xbox Live arcade? We suppose this re-branding fits perfectly for those 1/3 of people who don't really need all that much space on their hard drive because they don't know anything about their consoles at all.


Then again, the word "Arcade" looks horribly photoshopped onto there, so maybe this whole thing is all false. [Gamernode]