Xbox 360 Shortages in the U.S.?

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Until Microsoft's Jeff Bell said there was a frickin' drought of Xbox 360s in the U.S. ("literally out of stock in many stores") I totally had no idea. I mean, my local Best Buy and Circuit City's shelves are practically overflowing with 360s whenever I drop by (especially the Halo 3 editions). Has anyone tried to buy a 360 in the last couple weeks and actually been SOL?


Why make a big to-do about this? Well, tomorrow the NPD numbers for January come out, and buried in the missives about overwhelming demand is this bit: "We think this will have an impact on our sales," Bell said. "It may cause the overall industry number to be down a little bit." We'll let you guys do the math on this one. [Reuters]


Broken Machine

@dantheman1000: This is not directed at you, but at your comment. While I don't agree that $50 is the correct price for anything other than maximum length for an HDMI cable, using the cheapest example and stating they are equivelent to the best is just as ignorant as hawking pear audio cables.

I've purchased monoprice cabling in the past, and have had mixed results. Out of three cables for my new Home Theater setup, NONE worked, I resorted to a $30 6 footer at Home Depot to get the job done. The problems? One had a malformed connector, where I had to hold it in place against the contacts, the other two had a blurriness that only existed at HIGH resolutions on the HTPC when in desktop. Replacement cable fixed it.

Monoprice cables are cheap, and may be the cheapest. They are not equivelent to the best in quality.