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Xbox 360 Wiimote Might Be Made By Motus, Not Gyration

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Leigh over at Kotaku did some digging around about the rumored Xbox 360 Wiimote, questioning all the parties involved (Microsoft, Rare, Gyration) and discovered some interesting facts. The most important one is that Gyration isn't working on it, but Motus probably is—they already have a precursor to it called the "Darwin".


Motus says their version of the device, possibly tied to Microsoft ("it looks like Microsoft is coming up with something, and we have something"), which will help pick up gesture-heavy games like Harry Potter's Wand Magic Waggle sell better on the 360.

No real conclusion was reached since Microsoft repeated their usual "we haven't announced anything like that," line and reiterated that their sales are great and don't need any fancy gesture gimmick. Here's what you should probably take away from this. Microsoft and Motus are becoming infinitesimally more talkative about the Wiimote project, even though nobody's outright confirming it. This makes us believe that the original rumor was at least a little bit on target. [Kotaku]