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Last year, Xaiomi launched an incredibly cheap fitness tracker that you might have actually deigned to wear. Now, it also monitors your pulse, and yet still only costs $16.


The Next Web reports that the updated device, known as the Mi Band Pulse, now reads your heart rate using light-based photoplethysmography, as well as logging activity levels and sleep quality. The on-board 45mAh battery is said to last 20 days—less than the 30 days of its predecessor. The wearable is dust-and water-resistant, and syncs with phones running Android 4.4 or iOS 7.

Xaimoi claims to have beefed up the strap a little, though even with that and the extra sensor on board, the device is reported to weigh just half a gram more than last year’s model, at 13.5g Perhaps most amazingly, it only costs $16—which is just $3 more than last year’s model.


Sadly, there’s as yet no word on whether the device is expected to go on sale in the U.S. It’s available in China from November 11th.

[Xiaomi via The Next Web]

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