That's Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz at the UBS Media Conference, celebrating the revenue generated by another human being's personal tragedy. Hang in there, Yahoo! You're just a few thousand celebrity scandals away from relevance.

Bartz couldn't resist a shout out to the beleaguered golfer when speaking to analysts in New York yesterday afternoon. Yahoo's traffic has been doing gangbusters since the Tiger story broke, which in some ways validates their strategy to be a "portal" rather than a search company. When something big and gossipy like this happens, Yahoo's multichannel setup allows them to cover it from a number of different angles. On the other hand, if your sprawling search and content company is set up so that a single tabloid story can "make" your quarter, well, what happens if that story doesn't break?


Oh, that's right. Google drinks your milkshake. [WSJ via Huffington Post]