Yahoo Mail Finally Gets a Slick Redesign of its Own

Remember Yahoo Mail? You probably haven't used it in years because it's been out-featured by the vastly superior Gmail. Well, today we're getting our first look at Yahoo's new vision for its abandoned email service. And from what we can see, the new Yahoo Mail might even be worth trying.

In a blog post, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer layed out the basics for the new Yahoo Mail design, including screenshots of what the service will look like on the web, as well as in applications for Windows 8, iOS and Android. The new Windows 8 and iOS apps are available for download now, and the web client will begin pushing to new users over next few days according to Yahoo. The update for the Android app hasn't pushed just yet.


According to Mayer the new redesign is based entirely around optimizing the interface for speed so that there will be fewer distractions from advertising and other graphical imagery. Indeed, even though all we can see from the new Yahoo Mail web interface is that tiny capture above, it already looks cleaner and more modern than the outdated monstrosity that was old Yahoo Mail.

The Windows 8 app for Yahoo is entirely new. And the design looks basically like the mail application in Windows 8. It's slick and clean but not exactly revolutionary within the context of the OS:

Likewise, the new application for iPhone is clean and looks like a pretty standard iOS design for the most part.


Earlier this year, Microsoft's free email offering got a sparkling overhaul. As a replacement for Hotmail, the new was nearly a revolution of design and style. Based on what we can see so far the new Yahoo Mail isn't a revolution in that regard. That said, it's absolutely a step in the right direction and the new emphasis on creating better mobile experience is significant. This might not be a mind-blowing redesign, but we're happy just to see Yahoo do something that isn;t an absolute horror show. You gotta crawl before you can run. [Yahoo]


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