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Yamaha Branded Deus Ex Machina Motorcycle Exoskeleton On Video, Looks Tron-esque

Click to viewWe've seen this crazy motorcycle exoskeleton before, but its inventor Jake Loniak has just mocked up a video showing what it would be like in motion. Yeah, we're pretty damn impressed, but the guy gets cocky:

I believe a working prototype could be made, but it would take a great deal of time and engineering. This isn't fantasy. It's a green vehicle, and all of the numbers are based in the real world.


But who would actually use this? Sure, it looks pretty amazing and you can park it vertically in a garage to save space, but imagine having to unfasten yourself from this every time you get to work. Or the supermarket. Or grandma's house. At least with a Segway you can hop off and do your business. [Popsci via Crunchgear via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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@ARP: I think it's just silly to call it a Deus Ex Machina when it doesn't miraculously solve any problems whatsoever, and possibly presents whole new ones.

@Jason Chen

At least with a Segway you can hop off and do your business.

But don't you see? While you're riding this, the framework is wrapped around you, rather than you mounted on it, so, with some garment tweaking, you can do your business WHILE you ride it!

@Wraithen: You were almost there with the Gizmoduck reference, but the passcode for the parts to assemble around Fenton is "Blathering Blatherskite!"