Yamaha Tesseract Hybrid, Motorcycle for Superheroes/Badasses/Us?/No

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The Yamaha Tesseract concept for Tokyo Motor Show is not a motorcycle. Because it's way more awesome than a motorcycle.


Featuring 4 wheels for enhanced stability, the frame is apparently still not much bigger than a normal bike. And somewhere in there fits two different engines, one gasoline of undisclosed size and another electrical (to dual impress biker chicks and eco babes, though probably offering some impressive performance payoffs as well). The important note to remember is that the Tesseract is not a motorcycle. Please spread the word and make sure every wife knows it while we pray Yamaha actually puts the...vehicle...into production.

We're also hoping to see the Tesseract transform into a Gundam robot and fulfill its true destiny. [autoblog]



The idea that quads (what this really is just with taller, more narrow wheels and a killer design) will turn into street legal vehicles in the US would, of course, require revision of the vehicle safety regs. It could happen with the addition of another class of vehicle called something like "single passenger". But all the advantages people think of like being more fun, no special license or being like a motorcycle but safer will probably not be true. The nimble nature of two wheels will not be able to be even closely reproduced on four. An unprotected pilot on four wheels is just as vulnerable as an unprotected pilot on two. And there will likely even be another layer of driver certification on top of motorcycle and automobile endorsement. I like motorbikes. I ride every day. I probably would never own something like this but I applaud the idea because it will make building energy efficient easier and help congestion on highways and parking lots with their smaller physical footprint. I'd rather see a 80 mpg hybrid single occupancy vehicle like that than a sometimes-30 mpg single occupancy hybrid SUV bearing down on me in the rear view mirror. I doubt the idea will go anywhere fast in the US. It will require companies that already make cars as well as quads/bikes like Honda, Suzuki and BMW to champion the cause against the slothful US automotive industry that will fight a new 'double standard' of safety tooth and nail.