Yamaha YSP-1100: Flat Panel Shoots Surround

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Yamaha updated their fantastic flat panel faux-surround sound systems last week, with the greatest benefit coming in the form of a greater sweet spot. The system still has 40 individually-amped 1-inch drivers that it uses to aim sound throughout a room. We still like this setup underneath a gorgeous flat panel for support for Dolby and DTS formats, without a fairy ring of speakers around your livingroom. More improvements, after the jump.


Then, two woofers add mid range, using SRS to get a little more play out of them. Albeit not enought to replace a real sub. But we like clean design, and we like the idea of a swarm of little speakers rattling up semi-surround. Other improvements include an on screen source selector and an improved, automated room setup that uses a mic to setup the whole shebang. This one's out for $1700 this month.

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