Yamaha's Crotch Air Bag

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File this one under "Why didn't anybody do this sooner?" Yamaha's prototype isn't quite the first motorcycle airbag, but the first motorcycle airbag for your, er, tender nuggets.


Their advanced safety scooter, designated the ASV-3, has a multi-chambered air bag rigged between your legs, under the seat, to open in the case of a crash, thus protecting your most prized possessions. We're just glad to see that somebody is working to solve the "crotch + 60 mph + handlebars = pain" equation. Go go Japan!

Safety scooter [Taipei Times via Geekologie]


What about the nuts? Don't air bags come out like 200 mph on your nuts? Who would do such a thing. Why would you invent something that harms a human males testicles. Come on Now? Are you guys retarded? And you guys or girls will definetely not make business. Not only does it hurt your nuts but wouldn't it pressure you and throw you back? What kind of car accident are you going to get on a Moped? This is pretty much the first roadkill MoPed.