Ye Olde Poste Office Robbed By Crossbow Wielding Menace

The wormhole that produced the motel-thieving musketeer hasn't closed yet—two more time traveling brigands have appeared, this time holding up a post office with a crossbow. We expect a catapult raid against a 7-11 sometime over the weekend.


The Guardian reports the duo didn't wear any masks—probably because they had arrived from the 16th century and didn't fear being identified. Fortunately, nobody was shot through the chest with a crossbow bolt, although police say "The shop owner received a minor injury when the crossbow was thrust in his face." Unfortunate, yes, but being able to tell New Years Eve partygoers that your black eye is the result of being cracked in the face with a crossbow is awesome enough as to have been worth it. [Guardian via Fark]

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