Tiny Robbers Attempt Hotel Heist with Giant Musket (Updated)

Yeah, stealing is wrong, but how can you not root for criminals this bizarre and audacious? Two crooks, perhaps stepping out of some kind of time portal, stuck up a motel with a musket. One perp was five feet tall.

His accomplice? Five foot four. Whether these were little men with Napoleonic complexes (to go along with their Napoleonic gun) attempting to compensate with a museum piece rifle, or two seriously under-supervised children, is unknown. But the surveillance footage shows the anachronous assault was highly unsuccessful—both dudes leave empty handed, perhaps anxious to make it to their getaway horse-drawn wagon. [CBC via Boing Boing]



Comedian/rapper/bizarre genius Andy Milonakis has contacted Jason to claim responsibility for the vintage stickup. The weird gets weirder!

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