Yes, You Can Drive Your Car Over the Edge of the Grand Canyon and Live

Since time immemorial, man has gazed upon the majestic rim of the mighty Grand Canyon and wondered: could I drive my car into that shit and not be dead? One dumb brave driver has answered the question.

An unidentified 21 year-old in Arizona totally drove his car over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Accidentally, he says. Who are we to judge? They found his wrecked car "200 feet below the rim, lodged against a tree." But that is not even the hardcorest part!

He told responding park rangers that he had extricated himself from the crashed vehicle and climbed up to the rim to seek help.


If only he'd chewed his arm off on the way up, he could have gotten a movie deal.

[AP; photo via Andrew Davidoff/ Flickr]

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