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Holy shit, did you know you could adopt an awesome, maybe-titanium-fanged WAR DOG?! Even better, there's an entire association dedicated to the greatness of WAR DOGS.

According to the AP, 300 WAR DOGS go up for adoption each year after they finish their duties overseas. They may be 10 years old, and costs upwards of $2000 to have shipped back to the U.S., but people are rushing to get their hands on one.


While about 300 retired U.S. military dogs are put up for adoption each year, military officials say they've received more than 400 adoption applications in the three weeks since the May 2 raid. In past generations, most military dogs were euthanized once their tours of duty were done.

"They made a really big deal about Cairo being a super dog but all dogs in the military are super dogs," said Ron Aiello, president of the U.S. War Dogs Association. "These dogs are fully trained, are worth probably $40,000 to $50,000 each at least, and it's a dog that has been saving American lives. It's kind of a hero in a way."

a) How do I become president of the U.S. WAR DOG association? b) HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE RESIST A SUPER DOG?! [AP via NY Mag]

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