You Can Drive This RC Duster Over Every Dirty Surface In Your Home

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The problem with robot vacuums like the Roomba is that they're only designed to deal with dirt on the floor. The rest of your house—from furniture, to counter tops, to shelves—is left for you to clean: a chore made considerably more awesome with this remote control duster.

You'll still have to exert some level of physical activity to get it up onto dust-covered surfaces, but once you've endured that ordeal the duster can be controlled and maneuvered from the comfort of your couch using an RF remote.

This Japanese commercial makes them seem like the most exciting RC toy since indoor flying helicopters, but with a $21 price tag don't expect them to serve as anything other than a cheap way to get out of some light housework. [Kyosho via Technabob via HobbyMedia]